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California Retrofit, Inc.(CRI) is the California vendor of choice for major energy saving lighting projects undertaken by utility companies and the private sector. We have retrofitted the lighting in more buildings than any other energy services company in California.

Our thousands of satisfied clients appreciate the depth and breadth of our resources, our ability to help them obtain top quality energy savings products at the best possible price, to implement complete turnkey lighting retrofits, and to keep their lighting systems in top-notch operating condition.

We started out as California Commercial Lighting Supply, founded by CRI's president and CEO Richard Mitten in 1978. Commercial Lighting grew to become one of the largest lighting supply providers in California and continues to serve many of our original customers.
In response to growing customer demand for lighting maintenance and energy services, we formed California Retrofit, Inc. (dba CRI Lighting and Electrical) in 1986.

In our first ten years of operation, CRI became a major service provider to grocery and drug store chains, as well as commercial property management companies. In the early 1990s, Southern California Edison awarded CRI a major retrofit project, which eventually led to over $90 million in lighting contracts from SCE and other utilities. We also have completed major lighting projects for various school districts, hospitals, cities, and counties.

CRI is the only lighting contractor to receive two major awards from Southern California Edison for “outstanding performance in SCE’s energy savings programs.”

So, if your organization is ready to take advantage of our lighting and system maintenance services, email us or call us at 1-800-332-LITE (5483).

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