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It’s all about changing environments—
climate, regulatory issues, and business and customer perceptions all are changing, moving us all towards a “greener” way of doing business.

Most utility companies have been dangling the “carrot” of rebate money to encourage businesses to upgrade their lighting systems and become more energy efficient. Those utility customers who fail to heed the call will eventually feel the “stick” of much higher electricity charges during peak periods. Higher energy costs means less profit.
Customers now want to do business with "green," environmentally responsible companies. Companies that achieve the best energy conservation performance will be the heroes of the next decade.

CRI is the only lighting contractor to receive two major awards from Southern California Edison for "outstanding performance in SCE's energy savings programs." We have retrofitted the lighting in more buildings than any other energy services company in California.

Please visit the rest of our website to see how we can save your company or organization 40% to 50% on your energy bill.

Those companies who preserve energy will be the heroes of the next decade Different Needs and Situations? CRI can Help!
CRI offers a wide array of energy services to meet your unique situation and needs. Energy services we offer include:
  • Energy Management for Lighting
  • Utility Rebate Procurement
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Lighting Maintenance Contracts
  • Induction Lighting Systems for Street lighting and Other
    Indoor and Outdoor Applications
  • Ultrasonic Light Pole Inspections
  • Motion Sensors
  • EPA Approved Disposal Services
  • Factory Warranty Services
  • Materials Procurement
Maintenance Strategies
  • Spot Replacement
  • Group Relamping and Fixture Cleaning
  • Full Service Lighting Maintenance Control
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